What is Dwarf Fortress Historian?

Historian is app for browsing history of worlds generated in Dwarf Fortress game

It allows you to peek at historical events, details of historical figures, what happened to who and where. Anywhere you feel like to, you can start piecing stories together. You can discuss what you find at forums.

Ansi Codes Unlucky demon, lucky dwarf.

Obtaining it:

App itself is easily available at google play store.

Android app on Google Play
Version history:
  • 1.0 - initial release


Since application relied on data produced by Dwarf Fortress itself, users needs to supply their own, unique, world.

First, you need to have world: Open Dwarf Fortress on your PC and select Create New World! in main menu - adjust parameters to your liking (smaller worlds with shorter history are much faster) and follow on screen instructions till the end. Wiki page covers this in detail.

Once you have your world, go back to main menu, select Start Playing, pick your world (Very likely it will be listed in folder region1) and select Legends mode, there press x key to export information to xml file.

You will get fairly large file named similarly to region1-legends.xml in Dwarf Fortress directory; copy that file on your android phone and you are done with PC part.

In application, select Import new world and navigate file structure to place where you have your legends file, tap it.

Based on how big and old world is, it have take between several seconds to minutes to import it. Beefier hardware helps, small and young worlds help too.

Now, you can Open current Legends, pick any category and start browsing.

Can I learn more about my worlds?

You can get more of general information about historical figures by importing their raw definitions. In Dwarf Fortress game, locate directory with save of world you used and copy files from data\save\(worldname)\raw\objects\ and copy it to your Android phone.

There, select Import new Raws and locate any txt file from your raw directory, rest will be loaded automatically.

You can also get a little more detailed information about world sites and civilizations: Press p to export additional information while in legends mode and reload world with resulting files in same directory as legends xml file.